Thomas Imposter Records is a showcase label with the strict remit of getting the sounds of the bustling indie scene of Japan and beyond to an worldwide audience.




April 2021

Release of No Limits vol. 2

January 2021

Release of Joy of 6 vol/ 6

September 2020

Release: Joy of 6 vol. 5

July 2020

Release: No Limits Vol 1

Release of The Jungles!!!  'Live & Dangerous'

June 2020

Release of M1 x2

May 2020

Release of Dead Bambies Dandelion Session

Feb 2020

M1 x1 released Feb 14th. A compilation of 'electronica' from around the globe

Jan 2020

Joy of 6 vol. 4 released

Dec 2019

Astro-B win the 2019 Festive Fifty on Dandelion radio.

Goofy18, Skreen B's Orchestra of Fiction and the JUNGLES!!! also featured.

Oct 2019

Tokyo chikatetsu vol 2 and Joy of 6 vol 3 released

July 2019

Joy of 6 vol 2 released

May 2019 

Release of Astro-B single Hellow I Love U on limited edition clear 7 inch vinyl.

April 2019

Joy of 6 vol one chosen as -Featured compilation of the month' on Mark Whitby's show on Dandelion radio.

March 2019

The lovely Beatbox Saboteurs very kindly let myself and kiYOmi Ebisawa present a 'Postcard from Japan feature on their March Dandelion radio show.

January 2019

Delighted that 3 bands from Tokyo Chikatetsu vol 1 were in the Dandelion Radio Festive 50 2018. Congratulations to Astro-B (#3), Dead Bambies (#21) and Goofy18 (#41).

September 2018

 Dead Bambies feature in a special session for the Mark Whitby show on Dandelion Radio

June 2018

Mark Whitby  selects Tokyo Chikatetsu vol 1 as his featured compilation of the month,

May 2018

Tokyo Chikatesu Vol 1 released May 1st 2018

 April 2018

Astro-B in session on the Mark Whitby show on Dandelion Radio

 December 2017

Mark Whitby opens his Dandelion Radio show for the second time this year with an Astro-b song 'We;come to the Astro-B"

September 2017

Mark Whitby opens his show with 'Welcome to the Astro-B  on his show on Dandelion Radio.

August 2017

Those fabulous Cuban Boys kindly invited Astro-B to contribute a song for their session on the Mark Whitby show on Dandelion Radio. The song is 'Rational Dress Society and can be found here.

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